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Moon Aligner System is an integraded orthodontic treatment system. Doctors can do from diagnosis to ordering appliances at one stop.

To start a case and recieve an appliance.
There are 3 steps to take as follows:

  1. Upload record
  2. Diagnose and make digital setup
  3. Design appliance

1. Upload record

The first step to start a case is uploading patient's record. Our system supports the following data. You can refer or superimpose these records during diagnosis.

- Images

  • Oral images
  • Facial images
  • X-Ray images

Once you upload images, they are automatically organized and aligned. Ceph tracing and measurement will be done automatically by our AI.

- 3D scan data (STL)

You can upload 3D data obtained from either intraoral or desktop scanners. Our technician will do segmentation and root reconstruction to start digital setup.


Our system supports CBCT of axial slices, and it will be superimposed to 3D scan data.

For more information, Please see Upload Record.

2. Diagnose and make digital setup

In this part, you decide objective position of the teeth and bone using our computer assisted digital setup. During the setup, Tooth position in the setup will be reflected to the following visualizations.

  • Smile simulation
  • Cephalometric VTO

For the detailed instruction of digital setup, Please see Diagnosis.

3. Design appliance

After you decide the final position, the next step is designing your appliance to achieve the objective tooth position.
For aligners, you have the following options.

  • Attachment
  • Bite ramp
  • Button
  • Elastic
  • Staging
  • Framework

Once you design the appliance, you can order the appliance to let us fabricate. We usually ship it in about 7 buisiness days.

For more information, Please see Design appliance.